Sunday, January 21, 2007

Notes: J Dilla #2

I decided to block out the Spanish music on my sojourn up to Massachusetts tonight so since I had so much success with Dilla yesterday, I returned to him again.

Once again I was blown away with the breadth of his production. It's obvious he was much more regarded in Europe than he was here. In addition to the usual hip-hop, he touched so many different genres, like experimental soul and even poetry. It's amazing when you listen to it. If I had to live the life of a musician, I probably would choose Dilla as my archetype. He was incredibly gifted and had an extensive repository for ideas. And here he was gallivanting the globe doing the music he wanted to do. He didn't need to get the flash or name recognition. He just made dope dope beats. All from the comfort of his home, even his hospital bed, where some of his last albums were finished. Absolutely amazing.

Tracks to Check: Phat Kat - Big Booties (Yes that is the correct title, but the beat is just too good, Plus the hook is slightly comical because of its singular focus.), The Pharcyde - Drop, Frank N Dank - Push, Brand New Heavies - Saturday Nite (Ummah Remix ft. Mos Def) (Nice Marvin Gaye sample here), Bizarre - Butterfly (Maybe the surprise of the night), Copywrite - It's A Wrap, Busta Rhymes - No specific song but Busta just has a whole different vibe on the works he does with Dilla. Its more intense and focused.

Tracks not to Check: Once again 5 Elementz. Oh man atrocious. How much were they paying him? Maybe I don't like them so much because it seems like they're serious. Frank N Dank spi equally retarded things but I feel more fun coming out of them.

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