Saturday, September 30, 2006

Notes: 100/90s #1

So I was idly doing jack nothing so I decided what better time to follow through on a goal I set for myself: this bloody blog.

So finally I pressed play on the 100 Most Famous Songs of the 1990s which will heretofore be referred to as 100/90s cause we will be typing that too many times cause this playlis is over 7 hours and that's not gonna be one setting.

So far I have only listened to the first three songs. But it is indicative of the craziness that was the 90s. Nirvana to Madonna to R. Kelly (inspirational R. Kelly no less). I needed to breathe cause I really wasn't that prepared to go through puberty all over again.

First impressions though: they still made some awesome music.

We'll see how I feel come Macarena time

Notes: Randomly

So I got back to making that rock CD for my kid titled Crazy Loud Commotion (I know I'm gifted in the title realm) and then I realized: I have totally been neglecting my music. I mean I knew it was there. I knew it was good but honestly some of this stuff, though not right up my immediate alley, is just straight up good.

It's been random tracks here or there but so far here is what I've discovered.

Sleater-Kinney: Weird wails from some banshee but oddly cool
Bloc Party: Yeah I'm feeling it
Franz Ferdinand: Heard it before but didn't realize how good it was
LCD Soundsystem: They sound like fun
Pavement: I realize why my former college roommate was so into them

And I anticipate more fun tidbits as the night moves along. That is after LSAT study.

Update: Chyeah So....

So I've been totally neglectful of my responsibilities. I have looked at my first chosen playlist but was scared away by it's daunting 7.2 hour length. I will succeed though I will. Of course we are in a Sabbath mode right now so such music is unlistenable but I will conquer. I have made an awesome CD for Banana though (check Hotchie Motchie for my people descriptions; you might have to archive it). And I am working on a more rock themed one for one of the kids at work who in his coke-addled brain found 7 seconds to request it. So for that accomplishment I thought I'd present him with his very own CD. Even titled it to match his initials. Anyway, more later.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Update: Format

So I'm thinking that some of my playlists are quite extensive and quite boring at times. Plus there are new albums that I am more eager to hear. So instead of one at a time there will probably be an alternating series. And now to the 100 Most Famous Songs of the 1990s. Peace

Monday, September 25, 2006

What It's All About

So here's the deal. As I have said in my other blog countless times, I love music. I could write like 20 O's in love to explain my point but I'm a little too tired to do that right now. Anyway it is my biggest passion. I also accumulate a lot of it. But like most things, including DVDs and books, I often get a lot without ever really having a plan to absorb it all. But hopefully that will all change with this.

On iTunes, there is a feature called the smart playlist. Instead of creating a playlist and dragging files in, you can make a smart playlist that has everything according to a number of characteristics you specify. This can range from artist, album, genre, or even the beats per minute. There is a plethora of options. I personally use it mostly every time I get a new album so I can separate it and listen to it later. I have a couple set up for certain artists I frequent and also certain genres of music like Acid Jazz, Classical, and Religious.

I got the idea to just take the plunge and listen to each of these smart playlists in order and just review them. I'm sure there will be moments where I wonder why I have certain albums on the computer. I'm sure there will be breakthroughs where I wonder how I existed before I heard certain songs. All in all I'm pretty sure that it will be a fun ride altogether.

At points there will be a random book review or DVD review. I would like to cover all of the bases of my media overkill. That will be a while though cause I am still studying for an LSAT that I am taking next week. And some smart playlists are huge so there might be multiple postings just on one.

So enjoy the ride. The first smart playlist is 100 Most Famous Songs of the 1990s. Yeah you read that right. What a way to kick it off.