Thursday, March 20, 2008

Plea Deal: Ryde Or Die Chick

The year 2000 was a year of jubilation for many, the Lox included. Initially conscripted to serve in Bad Boy's army by the lure of the Notorious, they surely felt played by Mr. Combs suspect tactics. The lead single off their lone Bad Boy offering was based on a Rod Stewart sample and featured more shiny suits in the accompanying video. The only time they seemed appealing was on the title track "Money, Power, Respect" featuring DMX, with whom they shared management.

That management also happened to be the Ruff Ryder team and they somehow freed them from Diddyland to get them onto their own label. The next offering had the Lox sounding more comfortable, but funny enough they didn't shed the slick production more often linked with Mr. Combs. "Ryde or Die Bitch" featured cute labelmate Eve and a poppy beat by Timbaland. Maybe they weren't in shiny suits but this was made for the radio.

Still the Lox show why for some reason they still manage to be appealing to this day. The Lox never come off as consistently grimy to me. If not ghetto, they seem more working class. They still present the rough edges, but there is a charm about them. They know better. But they wallow in the muck anyway. And with the slightly Latin breeze blowing through this beat, they are free to kick mud around after the rain shower.

Each member runs off a mixture of ideal scenarios and attributes of their dream lady, let's call her Ghetto Madonna. She definitely is resourceful ("Got the brand new spring Prada shit in the fall"), curvaceous ("Don't matter what size panties, fitting her small"), and pretty much a freak of the highest nature ("Gave me head cause the movie was wack (Yes the beat stops here for emphasis), word"). She also shows at least a working knowledge of violent measures necessary for the drug game, but that's neither here nor there.

Its all silly fun. Enjoy a throwback to when gas was still around $1.50 and all those cars in the video seemed okay to own.

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