Thursday, November 30, 2006

Notes: Georgia Anne Muldrow - Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth

I first heard Ms. Muldrow on the Platinum Pied Pipers disc Triple P (which might get it's own review one day; it is one of my smart playlists) and since I have made my journey back into the depths of indie hip-hop, her name kept popping up. So it seems that she is the first woman who is signed to Stones Throw Records, which it seems is at the forefront of the indie hip-hop movement. They already have Madlib and MF Doom doing records for them and in independent hip-hop you only need like 2 to present legitimacy.

So I heard her EP. Interesting. And now the full length.

I must say, even as I listened to it, I wasn't sure how to explain it. Off the bat, I can tell you there are a select few who will enjoy this music. Georgia Anne (I think I just love her name; she seems like good people) sings and raps and makes her own beats. I can consistently say that the beats are always something to look forward too. My head was nodding the whole time. Often her singing is discordant and arrhythmic. And the raps come from nowhere and they are often at odds with the beat as well.

This is not sit down and read to it music. It's not even get up and dance to it music. I still liked it though. It's worth a listen. You either like it or dislike it.

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