Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Movie: Apocalypto

Man movie times are a interesting beast. And because of it I saw this movie I barely even knew existed. Lots of resistance off the bat.

1) Mel Gibson was prominently involved. For some reason I just feel he feels himself a little too much.

2) The whole thing was done in the ancient dialect of the native Mayans so that meant I had to read. This is not usually a problem but at midnight on Christmas, English would have been appreciated.

3) Plus I didn't know the plot going in. Few want to see a movie not knowing what it's about.

Groupthink wins out over everything though.

So it's a bout 16th century native tribe presumably in Central or South America. The rain forest is being overtaken by another scivilization capturing people to be human sacrifices to end their drought. It follows the journey of Jaguar Paw (that is his real name) on his escape from the captors and back to save his family.

It was fast paced. Funny at points. Actually a decent movie. There is no need for regret if you never see it. It wasn't some amazing achievement in filmmaking either. It just seems like an exercise Gibson did to prove he could and yay for him he did. Now when is the Good Shepherd playing?

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