Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boob Tube: Parental Control

Okay so that's a new designation but television is an electronic medium that transmits entertainment so I had to come up with some clever name for it.

Anyway, Parental Control is one of MTV's offerings, continuing their trend of offering as little music related programming as humanly possible for a channel whose name includes the word music. On it, young people between the ages of 18-25 are in the midst of romantic relationships that their parents are not too fond of. So the parents interview a cavalcade of crazy candidates to date their son or daughter. Each parent picks one person and their children go on dates with each of them while the current significant other watches with the parents and makes slick ass comments and the parents make half-assed attempts at sounding just as cool. Then the child returns, "thinks really hard," and chooses one.

Now this is nowhere near must see TV. It's honestly something to throw on when you're bored and you don't want to watch a bad talk show, classic sports, or A Baby Story. Its primary attraction is the crazy sets of parents, children and significant others who are all so forthcoming with their oddities and such. But today, the mini-morning marathon I happened upon after I was Sportscentered out was very captivating. For one, all three featured minority families (2 Asians, 1 Black). Even more amazing, in all three, the child chose one of their parents' picks. That never happens. Most often, the child sticks with the annoying significant other, because when you are only 19, how often are you trying to please your parents?

The best episode was the one with the black family. Of course they had some appleheaded little girlfriend who had some serious mouth. But the parents were also just as raunchy. At one point the mother actually said "At least she knows how to hold some wood," and then gave a high five to her husband. Are you kidding me? Did that just happen? Man I wanted to watch BET so bad after that. I just missed black people. And when Applehead was dissed in favor for a white girl who took him on a ropes course, she really was pushing the camera away and really looked seriously heated. usually when one gets dissed, they are calm and collected and offer some barb meant ot inflict remorse to the disser. Instead she was just repeating like "Oh no, he'll see." I wanted to see like what happened after. Did she slash tires? Key a car? Some other psycho ex move?

It also got me thinking that all the minorities went with one of their parents picks. Now usually the white people that are regularly on the show stick with their current relationship. Is there something about the minorities that makes them more compliant with their parents wishes? Or maybe are the minorities more open to change? Questions to ponder. I'm not exactly ready to call MTV for all tapes of Parental Control to prove my theory but the brain was burning through it today.

Anyway really don't watch the show unless you have nothing to do. It seems like it would make a great drinking game show somehow.

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