Thursday, March 01, 2007

Announcement: Vocal Arts Epilogue/New Month!!!

Ah March is already upon us. February was always a sneakily short month. I guess that's why it doubles as the month for Black History (take that comment however you'd like). But sadly Vocal Arts Month is over. But it doesn't mean that the singing will end. I am glad for whatever guided me to make such a declaration because it made me rediscover how good singing can be for the soul. Plus I discovered so many buried nuggets within the mines of my computer, its been wonderful.

So seeing as how February was such a success once I set a goal, March is hereby officially Listen One Time Month. This is basically an effort to jumpstart what was my primary reason for starting this blog which was to go through all these playlists of new music that I hadn't touched. Though I have done that to some degree, I have made no serious inroads. So I will listen to an album that I have not heard in its entirety, from front to back, each day. 31 days, 31 albumms. It will be tough on Sundays since I work all day. And Sabbath presents the issue of finding enough new Christian music to survey. And when I travel, will I remember to load my iPod with the right choices? Plus just my own quality of being lacksadaisacal. But if I don't say it out loud then the odds of it happening are even less likely. So here's the first step.

Here's the tentative schedule (Album then artist in parentheses):

01 - Love For Sale (Bilal)
02 - On The Jungle Floor (Van Hunt)
03 - Redemption (GRITS)
04 - Joyful Rebellion (K-Os)
05 - Dynamite (Jamiroquai)
06 - Born & Raised (Joy Denalane)
07 - Motown Sings The Beatles (Various Artists)
08 - Food & Liquor (Lupe Fiasco)
09 - Beauty & The Beat (Edan)
10 - Call It What You Want (LA Symphony)
11 - Ghetto Pop Life (Danger Mouse & Gemini)
12 - Push Comes To Shove (MED)
13 - The Woods (Sleater Kinney)
14 - Arular (M.I.A.)
15 - Funeral (The Arcade Fire)
16 - Back To Basics (Christina Aguilera)
17 - WOW Gospel 2007 (Various Artists)
18 - '93 Til Infinity (Souls of Mischief)
19 - Rebel Soul Music (Martin Luther)
20 - Illinois (Sufjan Stevens)
21 - Release Therapy (Ludacris)
22 - Return To Cookie Mountain (TV On The Radio)
23 - At Carnegie Hall (Thelonius Monk & John Coltrane)
24 - Songs For The Storm Volume 1 (Kirk Franklin)
25 - 20 Years Old (Janet Jackson)
26 - In My Mind (Heather Headley)
27 - Taken To The Next Phase (The Isley Brothers)
28 - Silent Alarm (Bloc Party)
29 - LCD Soundsystem (LCD Soundsystem)
30 - Some Kinda (Dwele)
31 - Welcome To Diverse City (Tobymac)

And that's that. Going through and making this list already has me gassed about April. I've decided that will be Anthology Month where I go through the catalogs of artists throughout the month. So far Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jay-Z, and Sublime have made the list. I might go through the Ken Burns Jazz series as well. But let's just get through March, shall we?

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