Saturday, March 24, 2007

Notes: Repeat Song of The Day

So recently songs have been getting played on repeat for extensive periods of time. Hence why Musiq - Betterman accumulated 41 plays in 4 days or Darien Brockington - Dedication earned about 25 in about 2 days.

This week I've had brief dalliances with rediscovered songs (Dru Hill - These Are The Times & Faith Evans - Mesmerised come to mind). But today is all Rapper big Pooh's day. Kind of overlooked the album since he is the least regarded member of the group. He knows it too. It's the subject of a skit AND a song on their last full length album. Anyway he did a solo and a found a track off there featuring the Repeat Master himself, Darien Brockington.

Is it the introspective character of the song? The seductively simple piano loop? Darien's soulful singing? Answer is D - All of the Above. Whatever it is, it actually has me rethinking life as a whole.

Rapper Big Pooh - My Mind ft. O-Dash & Darien Brockington (Sleepers)

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