Friday, March 16, 2007

Moving Pictures: 300 - The IMAX Experience

Oh we ventured so far and paid so much money.

But it was worth it.

300 - The IMAX Experience (And yes I will keep referring to it like that because I initially couldn't find any information on the damn movie until I included the IMAX part) is based upon the legend that once upon a time the Spartans sent a militia of 300 to stave off loads of Persian invaders. It was captured in the book Gates of Fire and is a special topic to many historians.

Yeah. Bump that.

Our version tonight was based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, of Sin City fame. So therefore the history isn't so important. It's all about the drama. And with a story like this, it's not that hard to manafacture it. Shot in a very vivid cinematic style, every bit of action seems very crisp and alive. IMAX definitely helped out with that. There were so many instances where I felt like I could count the pores in the actors' faces.

At times the acting is over the top but then what can you do with the script. I think there's a point where the writer has to realize that no one is listening that much to the words in a movie where the main draw was war. And it doesn't get in the way. Excellent action scenes (actually would have liked to have seen more). Loads of blood. A touch of sex. This film looked like Spike TV commissioned it. And if they didn't someone should fire their marketing director cause this was absolute genius.

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