Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moving Pictures: Charlotte's Web

Working with children can have unexpected benefits. One of these includes exposure to media you naturally would not have sought out. Specifically for me this means I get to watch Drake & Josh and Class of 3000 without guilt in the guise of supervising the young ones. So one more opportunity last night when I was the lucky staff sent to go see Charlotte's Web.

Oh I remember reading this book around 7 or 8. My little paperback copy I got from the school's book fair was well worn when I was done with it. A chapter or two before bed all about friendship, loyalty, and death. Quite an enjoyable time.

The movie stars this generation's Shirley Temple, Dakota Fanning. Her understanding of the craft of acting is somewhat creepy. She is just so natural in her roles it is a tad disturbing. I guess she should be that good rather than wack. But man it's weird. Anyway she does a tour de force as Fern and the effects are particularly engaging. At times the pacing was slow, but the movie achieves its mission at reaching people's hearts and keeping the kiddies engaged. There are even a couple sections for the guardians of the children with some silly adult voices for animals, including Steve Buscemi as Templeton the Rat.

So if you have to babysit some child over 7 or 8 some day, this is a worthy pic. Everybody wins.

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