Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Blend

Last night I was making a mix-data DVD of music for my upcoming Michigan trip to Lunaville and I started to think of the intricacies of making a good mix for someone. I've been doing it since you had to record each song separately onto a cassette and have followed into the realm of burning CDs more to my liking. I even mentioned it in this blog.

So what makes a good mix? I guess the idea is to make somebody happy. You have to have cohesion and thought. You can't rush a good mix, or else you'll end up with 10 songs you always bump and 7 songs you skip. And that's not a good ratio. I burn CDs for people then they get mad when they don't get one for a while. Well it took me a while to make that one goshdarnit. You better be patient cause this craftsmanship takes a while.

Hopefully Luna likes this one

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