Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Notes: Where Did The Good Music Go?

So Banana pops in some obscure CD today as we're coming home and man that joint was good. One of those corny ones (I believe it was called The Down Low) that they sell on BET late night. Anyway, it was just a mix of all that 90's R & B with like SWV and Deborah Cox. And me and Banana both keep saying "How come s%@$ don't sound this good any more?"

I mean back then it seemed like the hits kept coming. Now I am subjected to dances about jewelry length and lunch choices. And even the more conventional love songs all sound like they have been pre-fabricated at a factory and that anyone can just go buy their own and assemble like so many Ikea furniture kits. Oy.

I should have been born in 1966 and then I would have grown up in the midst of hot music on a regular basis.

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