Monday, October 16, 2006

Moving Pictures: Little Children

As my last meal before my death trip back to the gripping cold of Massachusetts, I decided to treat myself to a movie. Now there were two choices: The Last King of Scotland or Little Children. Now I wanted to see "Scotland" cause Forest Whitaker looked frightening in the trailers, but that is an intense political story and I really wasn't in the mood to think. I picked "Children" because it was basically a story being told and thinking would have been incidental.

And it was fantastic. Basically it revolves around a bunch of loosely interconnecting stories centered in a suburban Massachusetts town over the summer. There is the return of a sex offender. There are desperate housewives. A crazy policeman. And even a desperate house-husband. They all connect with no more than two degrees of separation but a lot of their stories are kept separate all the same.

I don't like to give things away so here's a couple of things I got from the movie:

* Kate Winslet is a great actress. The whole Titanic craze threw me off. I'm very suspicious of overhype. But Eternal Sunshine, Finding Neverland, and now this show me how great she is. She is a master of the action, the insignificant little things that separate actors from thespians. For some, there is just the repeating of lines but with Ms. Winslet I feel an embodiment of them. She can look like the impatient child or the fantasizing housewife or just about anything. Just the range she displays between movies and within them is awe inspiring

* I like movies that are stories. And this came from a novel. Go figure.

* I would love to be a house-husband as long as my wife was not condescending.

* There are some real crazy people in this world and how they get there is beyond me.

So Little Children please go see whether in the theater or on DVD

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